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For over 15 years I have served companies in various roles from sales to customer service. These roles have allowed me to solve challenging problems that affect the lives of others on various levels. It is this experience that allows me to bring a more personal approach to the the development process.

I excel working independently as well as with a team. I understand the value of collaboration and sharing ideas, to ensure the problems are solved in the most efficient manner. I also enjoy mentoring others as I grow and develop.

I am family oriented. I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters. In my free time I enjoy learning from all platforms, videos, books, podcasts, and other platforms.

Comprehensive Ruby Programming

By: Jordan Hudgens

In this course Jordan guides each learner through the ruby programming language. He covers everything from the basics such as syntanx as well as advanced topics such as algorithm development and metaprogramming.

Dissecting Ruby on Rails 5 - Become a Professional Developer

By: Jordan Hudgens

In this course Jordan teaches each learner what is truly required to be a professional rails developer. My favorite part of this excellent course was the deep dives where Jodan provides a detailed walkthrough of the most difficult concepts in each unit.